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Automated Production Lines
Efforts have been concentrated to largely automate our production lines unlike manual operations which adversely influence both quality & consistency.
Human Resources Management
We believe that human resources are an important link to the chain driving our customers total satisfaction. Therefore more resources are spent on training...
Testing And R&D Center
Our testing and R&D center has been expanded and equipped with state-of- the-art machinery. Our testing ability now covers all key points of our processes from raw materials to finished produc

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Mini Leather Gloves is one of the largest manufacturers of Beekeeping suits, Safety gloves, Safety uniforms, and Textile apparel in Sialkot (Pakistan). With our manufacturing site exceeding 20,000 square meters, we are able to accommodate numerous industries, including the medical, electronic, agricultural, mechanical, automotive, household, mining, construction, welding, and metal parts industries. We provide gloves for Beekeeping, Riggers, Drivers, and Gardening gloves, as well as cut-resistant gloves, kit bags, and a range of Beekeeping suits, Safety uniforms, Textile apparel...


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