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MLG safety profile

Higher customer expectations, increased competition, a global ‘playing field’, these are the challenges currently facing the ever-changing PPE industry. MLG Safety has a proven track record and history of meeting these challenges.

Founded in 1993, MLG Safety has expanded its offerings to the industrial markets with a comprehensive line of quality protective gloves & Uniforms including
GOAT SKIN, COW HIDE SKIN, BUFFLOW SKIN, DEER SKIN, SHEEP SKIN, KANGROO SKIN, 100% COTTON TWILL FABRIC, 65% COTTON 35% POLYESTER TWILL FABRICS & other safety & self protections. Today, MLG has become the leading manufacturer of safety gloves & safety uniforms while offering more than 1000 unique styles. MLG is the first BEEKEEPING glove & uniforms manufacturer in SIALKOT-PAKISTAN to receive ISO 9001 & CE marked certification, the toughest standard of manufacturing quality the world over. 

In addition to being an OEM manufacturer, MLG has made great strides in product innovation and we are continuously investing in Research and Development. MLG has successfully created its own line of high performance for Hand, Arm & Body Protection, as well as the more recent leather certificates in cooperation with Bayer. MLG is the premium manufacturing partner for AMAZON.

Glove manufacturing is extremely labor intensive. MLG manufactures the highest value leather safety gloves at the lowest possible overall cost, in the most efficient manner while building a long-term relationship with our current network of more than 100+ international customers. MLG is vertically integrated, with precision knitting facilities for safety uniforms and a variety of high-end leather safety gloves facilities. 


As a full line glove manufacturer, we focus on developing our expertise to produce innovative and quality products. We have a solid base of technological know-how which helps us create more innovative products and set the market standards for the future. 


Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.